The Right Kind Of Love Essay

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The Right Kind of Love
The article I chose is based on child obesity and the way families react to this problem. The article begins with a parent and child at the dietician’s office seeking advice. Soon after the dietician gives them both suggestions to a better health style and the parent states, “I can’t believe you’re telling me I can’t buy Chips Ahoy! Cookies,” said the mother, herself a nurse (2015unknown). This child is 60lbs over weight is diagnosed with a fatty liver disease. This parent also is obese and realizes that this life style change will also have to start with her changing her eating habits. Lately this has become a big concern to many healthcare professionals. One of the concern that pediatricians have is that they must be careful in stating that the child is obese or overweight. This sends the parents into a defensive mode, “What my child is not obese just big boned”. Usually the excuse is one of the parents or family member are tall and husky. But in reality they don’t want to admit this truth. How are they hurting their child? By making excuses says a grandmother of an 11yr old, “At 8yrs old they just would say the child is slightly chunky but now he weighs 200lbs and is only 5’1”(2015unknown).
Many parents acknowledge that changes have to be made but are they willing to set the example. Pediatricians in New Haven, NY have begun to find these obese children resources to help set the standards for a healthy lifestyle. The program Bright Side…

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