The Revolutionary War Essay

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Growing up poor in the 1700 's meant being exposed to the callous discriminations among people and their rank in the social system. For George Hewes, who was forced into the occupation of being a shoemaker, life did not treat him kindly. No matter how hard he tried, whether it was before or after the war, Hewes was never able to catch a break or be treated equally. "Where you ended up in life depended much on where one started out" (15). The Revolutionary War was a call to action for those who became politicized by the events that were occurring all around them. For Hewes, his motivations started out as personal and then became political. There was a sense of empowerment and identity granted to some of those who had been treated impartially. As a common man, the effect of the Revolution meant that George Hewes and others of lower rank were able to develop a sense of identity and promote the cause for equal justice. One of the first instances in which Hewes was drawn into the resistance movement was the fateful night of the Boston Massacre. Already aware of "how irritating it was to be challenged by British sentries after dark" (36), Hewes understood the struggle of the colonists. There was a man who attempted to collect an overdue bill from one of the soldiers. A disturbance then broke out that led to the calling of more guards and a formation of crowds. Fights ensued and some were killed. The man that was sent to collect the bill was a worker for a barber and otherwise…

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