The Revolution Of The 1911 Revolution Essay

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While it is next to impossible to summarize every goal or aspiration of each of these revolutions, there were several key ideas that each revolt hoped to accomplish which can be aptly and briefly summarized. Each revolution strongly pushed for land reform in which land would be taken from the rich and spread more evenly among the poor. The 1911 revolution referred to this idea as the “equalization of landownership” while the other two revolutions discussed land reform in terms of more explicit socialist beliefs.
Each revolution strongly pushed for modernization of society; whether it was in military tactics, education, industrialization, or so on . They all supported both gender and class equality in addition to fighting for freedom from encroaching nations, though to varying extents. To the 1911 revolution these foreign powers were the Manchu rulers , to the 1920’s Nationalist Revolution they were the Chinese branch of the Communist Party as put forward by Russia and Western nations who were dividing the country between them, while the 1949 Communist Revolution sought freedom from “all those in league with imperialism.” Only the final two revolutions saw the need for a revolutionary army, the 1920s revolution blamed the failure of the 1911 revolution on the lack of a supporting army while the 1949 revolution saw the power an Army had given both the 1920s revolution and Russia.
The two movements led by Sun Yat-sen, the 1911 revolution and the Nationalist…

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