American Revolution And Atlantic Revolutions

During the 1770s and 1780s, several revolutions were occurred all around the Atlantic Ocean, so they all share the same title which is the Atlantic Revolutions. The main revolutions took place in North America and France. Even though all the Atlantic revolutions had influence on each other, but these two revolutions had more influences as they had direct connections. France assisted American to overthrow the British rule in America as a revenge to the seven years of war, in which Britain defeated France. However, helping America had negative effects on France itself. Consequently, France faced an economic crisis which made them establish new taxation systems. The enlightened French troops who returned from America after the war against
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Although both of the revolutions did not change much about women's rights, but French revolution was more positive towards women's rights than American Revolution. For example, after the French revolution, some clubs and political positions were opened up towards women, and they had more rights than before as Robert writes " French revolution... raise the questions of female political equality far more explicit than the American revolution has done"(the ways of the world, 789). This shows that even though American became the world's first democratic country, France gave more rights to their women, and they in France practiced more freedom during that era than those of …show more content…
Both of the revolutions accomplished their main goal. In this case the American goal was "a struggle for independence from oppressive British rule" (Strayer, 789). As the Americans were oppressed by Britain; people were looking to find a way in which they can escape from this governmental system. While people were in need of inspiration to get rid of British rule over them, Britain gave them this inspiration by putting some more taxes on them without any consultation. This new taxation system aided the American to completely understand that they are not counted as Englishmen, and it made them angry which resulted in revolution against the British rule. Likewise, lower classes in France were originally oppressed by upper classes and governmental system, government asked for more taxes and this new system included upper classes as well (Strayer, 788-789). Thus, this means most of the people were oppressed with this new taxation system, so most of the people had common view points on the government; eventually altogether revolted against the government and devastated

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