Catalyst Of The American Revolution Essay

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What was the catalyst of the American Revolution? A person? An event? An action? It can be said that there was an American Revolution because of this unexpected bloodshed known as the Boston Massacre or the longstanding war known as the French and Indian War, however the paramount catalyst of this revolution really depends on the point of view the story is told from. The Boston Massacre may have sparked the series of events that instigated this insurgency, but the real instigators were the unfair taxes that caused the colonists to reject the rule of the British monarch. Nonetheless, the British initially imposed these taxes merely as an attempt to recoup financial losses from the French and Indian War. This dividing line in the relationship …show more content…
However, this led to further uprising amongst the colonists such as the Boston Tea Party in 1773, which was the colonists’ attempt to abolish the Sugar Tax. On the other hand, violence and taxes were not the only players in the prelude to the Revolution. People had a significant influence in the events that led to the American revolution. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Locke all contributed to revolutionary ideas. Thomas Paine published a book titled Common Sense in 1776 in which he accused the British of the detrimental effect they imposed on Americans. John Locke implanted the idea that people should control life, liberty, and land. This all contributed to the separation of America and Great Britain. In conclusion, the wars that led to the British occupation in America, the unfair taxes imposed on the colonists, Parliament’s control causing colonists to rebel all factored into the rift in the relationship between the American colonists and the British. Benjamin Franklin imposed the idea that revolutions are created because in history people always find a way to revolve over one thing or another. In this case, the British revolved entirely around having control, while the colonists revolved around rebellion. With that, there was an American Revolution because in response to being taxed by the British, America rebelled and one event led to another starting a

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