The Responsibility Of An Administrator Essay

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The responsibility of an administrator encompasses a tremendous amount of different areas, which make it difficult to be effective in all of them at the same time. Finding strategic ways to develop an approach to ensure all scholars are making progress in the classroom is not a job for one person. I feel I can succeed in this particular standard, as I can effectively execute a shared leadership approach. Holding the position of special education leader in my school for eight years has allowed me many opportunities to grow in this area.
For the past three years, I have been under the leadership of a gentleman who has done nothing but inspire me to become a leader and believe in my leadership abilities. He has taken the extra time and effort to discuss his thought process with me and his reasoning behind his actions. Due to his efforts, I believe I can develop a strong, working mission for my future school and goals to help work in that direction. With the help of the other administrators, I believe we can successfully utilize the time during faculty meetings, post conferences, and professional learning communities to set individual and group goals. My teaching experience has provided me with many strategies and ideas to offer the teachers.
Displaying myself as a role model at all times will be something I will work at as time goes on. My position as Instruction Coach has already moved me into a leadership position in some of my colleague’s eyes. It has been…

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