The Representation Of A Representation Essay

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A representation is a set of images on individual people, social groups or events that seeks the audience to identify and understand them. Depending on who the audience is, each representation is interpreted differently. It contains a point of view that describes what and why it is happening. Representations influence the way we think because we imagine ourselves in the same situation. When we study film, representation is essential because it reflects our attitudes in real life.
According to Bill Nichols, representation develop images of different people, places, or things. Mise en scene, lighting and sound are key factors that creates the representation of a character. In every film, mise en scene arranges the setting, the props, the actors and their costumes. It is important to pay attention to how the characters and objects are positioned in a frame because it indicates the relationship between them. Filmmakers use the objects within the frame to tell a story which allow the audience to understand what is going on. Setting creates the atmosphere of the story, so it evokes emotions in the audience through words and action. The props are useful devices to tell a story while the costumes describe the personality, social status and occupation of a character. Lighting highlights a character’s emotional state in a frame. It sets the mood of the specific scene which affects our perception. Without lighting, it would be hard for the audience to tell if a scene is happy,…

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