Analysis Of Domestic Violence In Sin By Silence

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The purpose of the film “Sin by Silence” is to show the effects domestic violence has on women. Its main focus is helping educate everyone about the dangers of domestic violence, hoping to find more ways to protect and help women of domestic violence. Today women who are experiencing domestic violence might watch this film and seek help because of the stories of these women and their motivation for others get help. Also today there are many abuse shelters and mandatory arrest laws put in place because of domestic violence, many things like this were not around when the women in the film were experiencing their abuse.

In the Pollock’s reading a violent woman is described as being worse criminal to their male counterparts,
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10-11). This theory applies to all women in the film, particularly those in the film who have been abused since their childhood. For all these women they learned to be helpless, their husbands repeatedly abused them for years, some for decades. Some of these women, such as Marchetti, sought help and never received it. These women were too scared to fight back, go to police, or tell anyone. Their husbands would threaten them if they left, which according to one of the doctors in the film, makes the woman have a 75% high chance of being killed if she leaves. So the women stay and feel helpless and do not fight …show more content…
The battered women typology of a female offender is the belief that women commit crime when violence is confined to relationships with violent intimate partners(Pollock, 2014, p.132). All of the women in this film experienced violence from their intimate partners, which eventually led them to prison. They expierenced too much abuse, and tried to end it by killing their intimate partner. Another concept from Pollock’s reading is the idea that domestic violence was symmetrical and that women were just as violent as men, however this idea doesn’t take into account the motivate for women’s violence (Pollock, 2014, p. ). In this film these women were not as violent as their parenters who abused them, but their violence was a reaction to all the abuse and violent behaviors that they had suffered from their partners. However because they are in prison they are seen as violent, if not more violent, as the men who abused

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