The Renaissance During The Renaissance

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The Renaissance era lasted from the early 1300s to the mid-1600s and was coined the period of rebirth or classical revival of the classical past. During this time, God became less of the focal point and humanism (man was at the measure of all things) took root. Italy was perhaps one of the most important regions of the time due to its beauty and grandeur. The top city-states during the Renaissance included Florence, Milan, and Venice. In an effort to understand how the Renaissance period impacted both artworks and artists of Venice, it is important to review how some of the most prestigious artists of Venice incorporated the Renaissance characteristics in their work.
Venice is a city made up of hundreds of islands at the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea. It was perfect for the Renaissance because of its political, economic, and religious affairs. First, Venice was a republic that was divided into three classes of the aristocracy, the merchants, and the peasants. The ruler of the republic was the doge who was
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Basaiti, like Bellini painted iconic figures as well. One of his best known works includes the Resurrected Christ. This painting is particularly beautiful because of the “stony shore and a boat, while the sacred event is placed in the middle of the ground…the first narrative altarpiece to include many figures that are not part of the biblical story” (Arts Fortune, 2005). The piercing of Christ’s body draws the spectator in remembrance of the crucifixion. His use of the landscape shows Christs rebirth through the use of the beautiful bright blue sky, young grass and mountains are an excellent depiction of nature. Additionally, his use of complex adjustment with other figures in the landscape such as three women, a city and horsemen show his ability to tell a story through the use of the Venetian art

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