The Renaissance And Renaissance Period Essay

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There are quite a few years associated with the Renaissance period. There is the Early Renaissance period (1330-1450), the High Renaissance period (1450-1520) and the Late Renaissance period (1520–1615). Renaissance is a term that was founded by the French historian Jules Michelet, and it was used to describe the new forms of art, architecture and sculptures. The Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance periods fall within this time frame. The Northern Renaissance period and the Italian Renaissance period were both from 1400-1615. Both of these periods brought about many well-known artists. The Northern and Italian Renaissance periods were one of the most productive times in art history.
The Northern Renaissance was in Europe, but outside of Italy. It was north of Italy, and included the Netherlands, Germany and France. Artists during the Northern Renaissance period were heavily influenced by the International Gothic Style. Northern Renaissance art could be described as a singular blending of “Late Gothic art, contemporary ideas about observation, and Reformation ideology” (Art History). Europeans during this time saw their God as the almighty and the complete spiritual leader of the world. The art during this period depicted this. Artist Jan Van Eyck was one of the first artists to influence change in the art world. He dramatically changed and perfected the oil painting and minute detail. This unique style clearly distinguished him from Italian…

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