Essay about The Religions Of The Ancient Hebrews

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The concept of God in the religions of the ancient Hebrews, early Christians and Muslims have many similarities but also many differences. All three of these religions believe that one God is the creator of all that exist, in life after death death, and that divine acts earn humankind their ticket into heaven however each religion approach these concepts differently. One similarity I noticed when reading about these three religions is they all are monotheistic religions which mean they all believed in only one god. Though they all believe in one God but they have different concepts of their God’s. The ancient Hebrews call their called Yahweh and according to the Hebrew scriptures they did not believed in converting others into their sacred religion because they believed that they are God’s Chosen People (178). I think Christianity was heavily influenced by Judaism however approach the concept of Judaism differently. Early Christians believed that Jesus is God and Savior. They also believed in converting as many followers and spread the word of God unlike the Hebrews. The Muslims call their God Allah. The Muslim believed in the Quran which is the scripture of Islam. They believed is the word of God that was given to Muhammad, a prophet to spread God’s message (217). Also the Muslims did not believed that Jesus was God like the Christians. They did believed in Jesus however they saw him as a great prophet. All three of these religions believed in divine acts to show their…

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