Essay on The Religion Of Christianity And Christianity

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The religion of Christianity was not a religion that popped up overnight and spread all across the world. Christianity is a religion that developed out of a preexisting religion and offered followers an opportunity that other world religions of that time did not. This opportunity was the hope that after death followers would have an eternity of peace. This opportunity at everlasting peace and release from the torments of this world and the expansion of long distance trade routes allowed for the rapid expansion of Christianity across the known world. Christianity is a religion that falls under the category of religions of salvation which are defined as “religions that offer followers the restoration of both the body and soul” (Webster’s Dictionary). Christianity offers followers this salvation if they obey God’s will and declare Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. The followers will receive this salvation in the time after death depending on their works on earth. Christianity also gave followers a sense of power that if you are followers of God then you are his people and he will bless you. An example of this can be found in document 13 on page 61, “you may multiply greatly, as the Lord, the God of your fathers, has promised you, in a land flowing with milk and honey.” The previous quotation shows that if you serve God faithfully he will bless you either in this life or the next. This gave followers the hope that if they follow the word then they could improve their…

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