The Relationship Between The Friends And People Trust And Support One Another

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A friendship is considered to be a bond in which two people trust and support one another. Friendships fail for many different reasons, some more complicated than others. Starting from different opinions to dating a best friend 's ex; it ranges from the smallest to the biggest things. While most times arguments are based off of the same problems, it causes the relationship between the two friends, to end at times. "Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Friendships end for many reasons, lack of communication is one major issue. This small factor leads to a list of other problems; they become distant, begin to develop trust issues, and problems with jealousy and depression. These factors slowly cause the relationship between the two to diminish. Eventually, leading to separation anxiety and loneliness. The majority of failing friendships and relationships as well, are caused by lack of communication between the partners. Most people think that they would not have to communicate to keep a friendship alive, but it is the only possible way for two people to become closer. If the main factor in the friendship isn 't based off of trust and support then the relationship will degrade and destroy itself slowly. It is the key factor in having a stable and happy relationship with someone. Some think that it is difficult to communicate with the other, but do not realize that if there is no communication there is no bond, it is nonexistent and…

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