The Relationship Between Nature And Nurture On The Intelligence

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Intelligence is viewed as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Heredity and environment are two most important factors which influence the intelligence. Now the question arises, is the intelligence determined by nature or nurture? There is a great controversy between the influence of nature and nurture on the intelligence. Some people are of the view that intelligence is the result of traits passed by ancestor to descendant by genes and some people think that it is the environment that is accountable for intelligence. Earlier the intelligence is overrated by the scientist as the outcome of gene, but some studies carried out on intelligence has changed this view. Intelligence is equally impacted by both nature and nurture. This essay is aimed to explore whether the intelligence is caused by nature or nurture and the extent they affect brilliance. Research is still in progress and now it became the extremely changing concept.” Nature has the significant impact on the intelligence and it is treated as the major factor influencing the behaviour and intelligence of human being. Heredity is the known as transfer of traits through genes from one generation to other. It produces identical characteristics such as eye colour and height. Intelligence is influenced by large percentage of human genes. Having family genetics is a greater advantage for some people in flourishing their musical talent, mathematical skills and…

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