The Regulation Of Gene Expression Essay

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For all organisms, prokaryotes and eukaryotes, they all must regulate the specific genes that are expressed at any given time (Campbell 365). Each organism continuously turn on and off genes in response to external and internal environmental signals. The regulation of gene expression is especially important in multicellular organisms since it is essential for the different types of cell to have their own cell specialization (Campbell 365). In order for each cell to do it’s given role, they each need to maintain a program of gene expression individually to have some genes expressed and the rest not (Campbell 365). Only 20% of protein coding genes that a human cell has might be expressed. Cells such as muscle and nerve cells are highly differentiated so they express an even lower percentage of their genes (Campbell 365). Most of the cells in a multicellular organism have the same genome but they are different cell types due to differential gene expression, meaning that each cell differ by expressing different genes in the genome (Campbell 365). When gene expression is abnormal, serious diseases may arise such as cancer since it is essential for the transcription factors of the cell to be located at the right genes at the correct time as well (Campbell 365). The stages of the process for gene expression in a multicellular cell are, first the signal travels to the chromatin and the chromatin performs a modification to unpack the DNA (Campbell 366). Then the DNA now has the genes…

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