The Regional Forest Essay

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The conflict sets the political debate, in more recent cases, the conflicts have allowed to change the framework. Since there are new actors rising because they are interested in the issue, they create new impacts and other actors become irrelevant. In Australia, the national elections adapted their approach to Neo-corporatism because the actors in play had changed; these represented the interests of rivalling political groups . This argument is illustrated by studying the case of the regional forests in Australia, where the state manages environmental problems, nevertheless the manner in which the government is constituted allows for there to be different assessments and solutions to particular cases. Australia was one of the first countries to start the process of greening the Earth and creating discourses along the way to understand their political framework. Throughout the decades it has gained expertise in the area and the political theories that have been employed to politicise the decisions have evolved . These come from linking the social, economical and ecological sectors to understand what a nation values . The actions have been disparate and sometimes unorganized between a disparate collection of actors such as environmental movements or institutions. In Australia there are around 750 local governments that have a considerable role in the management of the environment. Nevertheless, there is a federal system; the Commonwealth Government has significant…

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