The Reflection Of The Current Spring Semester Essay

1057 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Prior to the current spring semester I visited my extended family in Pakistan and it really gave me a rude awakening of some the preconceived beliefs I had of the nursing profession. In South Asian culture nurses are traditionally seen as inferior to doctors, or as their not so needed sidekicks. I grew up with this thought, but having a grandfather who was an RN I thought I’d changed my mind, but I did definitely keep some of the cultural views of nursing buried in my head. Flash forward 3 days later and I began History, Trends and Issues in Health Care and if I had to condense what this course taught me, it’s that without nurses many, many more people would be dead. This course rivaled my beliefs that nurses are secondary in the medical landscape, and that the differences that they can make are limited to the patients they oversee. The reality is that nurses throughout history and today continue to provide medicinal help to those who don’t have the means for it and improve life expectancy. Prior to this class I had the underlying belief that nursing just didn’t allow the capacity to impact people on a global scale, but looking through the content and lectures in this course I now see it’s quite the opposite.
The huge population that a nurse ultimately can affect is what a nurse should ultimately should strive impact positively. One of the biggest points I learned in this class is to learn to look at the people, regardless of what they’ve done, I treat as patients, and…

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