My Worthless Profession Analysis

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Jennifer Cooper _ My Worthless Profession
My favorite part of My Worthless Profession is how Jenn expresses the deeper thoughts of the protagonist. Throughout her piece, I feel a strong connection between me and narrator. It’s like the third person omniscience perspective and we can also see how the view of others effected on her growth as an individual. I can see her purpose of dividing the paragraph into shorter lengths, but in my own opinion, this can be a double-edge sword. Although it helps the readers to have a better understanding of each part of the writing, they may also feel an unwanted stop in the middle of their emotion. Her reflections at the end really help her to make the entire piece into a circle, which also return back to
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Even though I was a bit confuse in the introduction and though this a story was about a trip, it later turns out to one of the relative funeral. Her personalities are also showed by the indications of caring and sweet actions. The story actually becomes more in depth to the narrator heart after more reading. I love how she later use one of the detail within the funeral to express her feeling of anger as well as the unfairness she had toward the world, which in this case to the priest. In the end, she also stated her strong sense of regret for not saying goodbye to her uncle and stop the story on a very unexpected punch. She gives us a space to think more about the further actions she will do to help the situation and her responsibility to be the big …show more content…
He not only creates the resonant connections to mostly all the college students. The very little details he included in the writing help us to see the time pressure of the narrator, including 11:57PM, 11:58PM and 11:59PM. However, if he can expand of the protagonist’s emotional feeling, it can help us to understand more of his own individual personality. His descriptions of the walk outside the house depict the winter’s breeze to the readers’ sense of feeling. Especially the part where he stated at the last page, “I fumbled out my phone with my fingers nearly frozen stiff and checked the time.” I can still remember the same coldness when I was at the similar

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