The Red Identity Color Category Essay

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My highest score out of the three colors fell in the blue identity color category. The attributes that fell within this category are “ Are in search of themselves, Need to feel unique, Must be true to themselves, Look for symbolism, Value close relationships, Encourage expression, Desire quality time with loved ones, Need opportunities to be creative, Compromise and cooperate, Nurture people, plants and animals, Look beyond the surface, Share emotions, Make decisions based on feelings, Need harmony, Are adaptable, Are drawn to literature, Are drawn to nurturing careers, Get involved in causes, Are committed to ideals, and Bring unity to society”. Although, I feel like all of these attributes represents me in some shape or form, however, the ones that strongly fit me are being in search of myself, valuing close relationships, and making decisions based on my feelings.
I always find myself in search of myself, if that makes sense. I am always seeking and finding out new things about who I am and why I act the way I act. For instance, being a lesbian I consistently battle with trying to figure myself out. I think this has a lot to do with my religion, I believe in God and I know it is a sin to be in an intimate relationship with the same sex. I understand that’s and I think this is why I am so confused on who I am and who I am supposed to be. There has been times where I wanted to break up with the female I was with because it just did not feel right. I tell myself all the…

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