The Reasons Why People Smoke Essay

807 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
In society, many things can go wrong in someone’s life and sometimes it tends people to do things that are harmful for themselves. People can’t scape from the cruel reality of the world that is the reason why they go after drugs that are available for them; such as cigarettes. The main reason of why people smoke is that they want to feel different, but being addicted to it can lead to death. One cause that can lead of people to smoke is that they are stress. When people are overloaded and tired of school, work, responsibilities, or life; at some point they would want to be relieved from everything, but they can’t. Then, in order to feel better about themselves they go after drugs (cigarettes) because they are cheap and they are legal compare to other types of drugs. However, if a person keeps smoking for several months or years, he/she won’t realize that they are depending on it to be active through the day. Someone depending on something has become an addictive and that is nothing good for themselves. It can be effective for them because it gives them “energy”, but overall it is not good because they need to smoke everyday in order to keep their bodies in control. Another main cause of smoking is the family influence. The family of a person can make a huge impact on them because they see each other everyday and the child tries to imitate what their parents do. The family influence can be biological inherited or by experience. Many studies has proven that genes that leads…

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