Essay on The Reasons Why People Love Being Vets

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Animals are a necessity to everyday life; whether the animal is used for food production, research, pets, or are wild animals, they all need a doctor for when they are sick or hurt. A veterinarian is a person who helps and cares for different kinds of animals. People have confidence that the vets will take care of their most beloved companion, because of all the schooling a vet had to do. Despite the responsibility, there are many reasons why people love being vets. A few of the reasons are of the pay, diversity of the job, and the gratification of helping animals (Kramer, Mary Hope). While it may seem like a fun career it does have its challenges, like the difficulty of finding a job.
In 2014 there was approximately 78,300 people that were employed in this career field. The good news is that employment trends are expecting climb by at least nine percent by 2024. Even with the employment raise it is still very difficult job to get into. Certain things that can give a vet an advantage is to get a specialization or have prior employment. Jobs relating to being a veterinarian are found all over, although most are found in California, Texas, Florida, and New York because of the large amount of animals who inhabit the state ("Veterinarians"). But no matter what state a vet is in, they all have to perform similar duties.
The duties of a veterinarian differs, based off of large or small animals. Routine duties for both types of veterinarians are they need to improve…

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