Essay on The Reasons For Young Generation

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There are several reasons for young generation having a desire to study abroad. Students would prefer to study in a foreign country in order to learn more advanced skills and technology. It is clear that it assists with the improvement of knowledge and language skills. Nowadays the young generation have become increasingly interested in studying in developed countries such as United states of America , Australia , Canada and forth. This essay will outline the problems that arise from communication and culture shock such as language, discrimination and living in a diverse society. It will then more on to examine the solutions to these problems.
Firstly, a significant problem of studying abroad is the difficulty of communicating with people. International students have an ability to speak languages. However, if international students had to speak to people who cannot understand the language, it can create lots of misunderstanding among speaker and listener. International students often face this problem. In classes, students may struggle to comprehend what the teachers are saying so students would be looking around to see what the other people do, and students miss very important information. Therefore, people sometimes misunderstand or even ignore it. One of the problems of communicating with people who speak different languages is there are many words that have same or similar meanings, or even if a word has several meanings that depends on disciplines and context. For…

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