The Reason I Chose Pediatrics Essay

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Career Topic Research Paper: Pediatrics The reason I chose Pediatrics was because growing up I watched my mom at a job she loves. As I began to witness and understand the career she was in I started to slowly fall in love with it. I’ve always wanted a career that makes a difference, I started from taking care of baby kittens to one day wanting to nurture children that aren’t my own. I love being in the environment that my mom constantly works in. Although there are difficult situations she is put in at the end of the day you must see and notice the good. The good of making a sick little kid smile because of something good I did. I’ve watched kids run up to my mom and thank her and brag on her for helping them, watch a little kid go off and tell my mom every good thing that happened that day at school, or telling her why they love her so much. It makes my heart genuinely happy watching something so small make my mom unbelievably happy. It is the small things in life that are going to make the best memories. My mom is my biggest role model and although I will never be as great of a woman as she is, I want to make her proud and show her that she has shaped me and encouraged me to be who I am. I wouldn’t be here enjoying and broadening my mind if it wasn’t for the love and support of my mom. She is the reason I chose to start a career in Pediatrics. Career Topic Research Paper: Pediatrics The job I chose was a Pediatric Doctor. This type of physician is mainly certified…

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