Essay about The Reality Of Video Games

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When Imagination Becomes Reality
In the 1980’s, video gaming technology was making its way into the entertainment industry, an industry that started with pinball machines, air hockey tables, and video arcades; however, this new invention was going to revolutionize the way entertainment would be viewed by the public and news media. After all, it was someone’s imagination that made video games exist in the first place. Violent games thus have the potential to influence the way gamers act out in real life.
The human mind has its own way of thinking, but the process of knowing right from wrong depends on what has been learned as a child growing into the adolescent phase. Because of the young age of gamers there is a high-influence on the minds of teenagers with the invention of violent video games. The gaming industry understands to be successful you have to invent a market that appeals to teenagers. In the early stages of entertainment, games such as: Centipede, Galaxy, and Pac-Man, these were all games that used strategy and mental effort; nowadays, however video games are mostly designed as modern warfare. Sternheimer provides an interview statement on violent video games, “David Grossman, a former army lieutenant described as a professor for killology, has claimed that video games are murder simulators and serve as an equivalent to military training” (Sternheimer 216). Video games were designed for entertainment and should promote creativity in a young adult’s mind, but…

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