Essay about The Reality Of Reality Television Shows

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Every object has a shadow, a rough outline of its true self. It is not exactly the same as the object itself. Shadows also reveal that everything always has a negative dark side, unlike what appears on its surface. As our society develops, the numbers of choices of entertainment highly increase, such as movies, TV shows, video games,and etc. These entertainments imperceptibly nurture our values and beliefs. However, the consequences of their mirroring are like the shadows behind their appearances, lacking of an ability to discover one’s true identity and bringing negative impacts to the audience members as well.

Reality Television Shows are “shadows” of our real lives as well. These shows try to emulate our true reality of life but their potential of doing it is unfortunately limited. The ancestor of the Reality Television shows was back to 1991, a Dutch TV show called Nummer 28. It was the first show to record the interactions among a group of strangers. Following by it, other shows such as Big Brother and Survivor received a huge success in the globe. Reality Television Shows gradually got noticed by people and many other countries such as America began to produce more and more Reality Television Shows. As time goes on, the varieties of Reality Television Show become a great entertainment for us. People nowadays often live under high pressure. Therefore, watching Reality Television Shows will help them relieve their stress. Some may think watching shows is a good way to…

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