The Reality Of God, And A God Worth Knowing Essay

833 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
In this paper I am going to share with you what I have learned in the first semester of the freshman bible class. In this paper I will talk about the reality of God, the character of God, and a God worth knowing. At the end of this paper I hope that you will understand what I have learned in this class.
The first thing I learned was the reality of God. I know that God is real by the beauty of nature. If you look closely at a flower you can see how intricate that flower is. A flower has many layers. Also bee’s who get honey would have to have a way to get the honey. God made everything for a reason. If you look at a woodpecker, you can see that it has a certain beak for a reason. There is also the human body. The human body is also very intricate. We couldn’t have formed just out of moneys. We have emotions and are smarter than them. If evolution was real than moneys would turn into humans. A “big boom” could not have caused all of this. A being of someone would have had to take time to do all of this. God had to make everything. Without him nothing would make since.
The character of God The second part I learned about is the character of God. The first thing most people know about God is that God is Love. God has loved everyone on this earth since the moment we/ everyone were born. There are three types of love- eros, agape, and phileo. Eros means peruses whatever satisfies the body, mind, and emotions. Agape means love that gives spite the ugliness in the other person.…

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