Essay on The Reality Of Beauty And Black Women

816 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s society the concept of beauty is controversial. What size is beautiful? What hair texture or skin color is deemed as “beautiful” in contemporary society? The readings in class try to argue that black is beautiful as is, however, our mixed thoughts towards the subject shows the reality that beauty is defined by each individual. Influenced by the pressures of white society, media, and also the preferences of our male counterparts, the image of beauty is a term used as means to change and alter the minds of women. Specifically, I would like to address how these ideologies have led black women to feel insecure about their own bodies. TLC’s music video to the song, “Unpretty” released on YouTube in 2010, is an ode to women to tell us that our bodies are not subject to comparison, instead should be embraced, for that is what makes everyone unique.
In our culture, it is common women of color to weight in slightly higher than the average white women. Black women are perceived to be secure without bodies. However, we are also bombarded with media and males who lead us to believe maybe we shouldn’t be content with ourselves. Media depicts models where their ideal image of beauty is portrayed as white skin, skinny and lengthy limbs, and hair that is not swirled or sticking straight up. Media is a source that leads black women to compare themselves to these beautiful figures and question ourselves asking are we truly beautiful? TLC successfully embodies this comparison…

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