Essay on The Real Essence of Life

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THE REAL ESSENCE OF LIFE Many of the people often times failed to discover the beauty of having differences in a community. The mind setting of the many is to conquer differences and consider one thing in common. What could be the possible effect of this mentality to the society? Whatever religion we fight for is not a hindrance upon achieving a peaceful society. We all have the right to choose what we knew our heart is shouting for. It is still believed that we have a life to live and a spirit to lift. For whatever reason it might be for all of us, we are all gifted with the same being. We only differ on what we profess and what we worship. Yet it is not necessary that we should force other people to believe on what we know …show more content…
The very heart of one’s being is to love and to love does not mean the absence of war alone. It means the winning of victory of life; happiness in peace. The struggle of life comes with a real search for joy in our hearts. When peace is achieved, everything tastes so sweet in relief and satisfaction. Do not forget now that you are one with your neighbors.

Differences, therefore, should lead us to a joy no one can give to us but our own struggles to conquer the defeats of selfishness and hatred. The way to enjoy life is to enjoy being you and join in the happiness of other people. It is not enough that we do not destroy the dignity of other people. It is also important and overwhelming to cheer other people when they are down and enjoy life with them. We all ought to find the happiness of life. That is why we have to give happiness to others. Live with peace, love and happiness. Live as if everyone depends on your choice of having life. May the joy of sharing rest in everyone’s heart for it is the reason we are born in this world. Our talents are for us to ease the sorrow of other people. Beyond the capacity of our being, we have to be humbled in others so that those who need us must be given enough. The process of living is easy yet difficult. It is easy because we only have to stay where we are destined to yet it is difficult because we have to live what we dream for everyday with the hope of perfecting who we are in other’s lives.

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