The Rational Decision Making Model Essay examples

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As a manager at BSE Veterinary Services who is trying to come up with a plan, top create an additional work shift to increase the amount of test from 12,000 to 18,000 per period the rational decision-making model would be a good decision-making model to use. According to Nahavandi, Denhardt, and Denhardt (2015), the rational decision-making uses five phases for decision making which are performed deliberately and consciously, relying on the rationality of the decision maker’s thoughts and behaviors (p. 245). In the case of BSE Veterinary Services, many aspects will need to be taken into account when making a decision on what approach would be best to create an ad-ditional shift. To perform the full tests on cattle the company has to include the cost of materials, employee wages, and variable and fixed overhead. There are too many moving parts for one man-ager to oversee alone. Using the five phases of the rational decision-making model will involve a number of managers to oversee their departments while also giving each manager a guide. In pre-analysis phase, the situation is defined as the need to have an additional shift to meet the demand of 18,000 tests per period. In the analytic phase, each manager will analysis their sections and decide how the goal of a new shift will affect their section and what the best process to achieve this goal is. Once approved each manager will then move into the design phase creating a clear action plan. Through the first three…

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