Causes Of Racial Discrimination

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Topic: The racial discrimination issue.

Is racism right or wrong? Is it one of the causes of violence? How to solve the problem of racism? These are three major issues of the study of racial segregation in society. When Mr.
B. Obama becomes the first black president of the United States, and many people have had to change their stereotypes about black people in particular and racism. So, Racism is one of the factors that cause violence, and it is also a big mistake for many people. There is a need for a holistic view of this to find a way to address racism. What is exactly racism? Is racism wrong? These are two fundamental questions for the future of the world to grow in equity, justice, freedom, and democracy. Firstly,
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Also, racism is also a falsehood because it is partly due to religious differences. Scientific studies have shown specific examples, “The targets of outgroup prejudice vary from culture to culture and over time - Sidanius refers to them as “arbitrary set” prejudices. In Sri Lanka, it may be Tamils; in Northern Ireland, Catholics or Protestants; in India, the Untouchables” (Culotta 10). Moreover, everyone is born equal, whether we can have different skin color, language or culture. That is what international human rights have affirmed.
So, those who worship racism are wrong. Besides, when we read the book "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" the story of it set in The United States shows the problem of whites discriminating against blacks as a concrete example of racism. One of the implications of racism is violence. Firstly, racial discrimination in The United States for blacks is standard in history. For instance, Ifa Kamau has demonstrated that black Americans are discriminating against the law in many places in American history. These are unjust things, “For over 400 years, US law has been used to preserve white privilege.
The American professor, Robert Perkinson, in his book, Texas Tough, explains how the State
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However, Ifa Kamau's article still shows that the truth is, “Cases of unequal impact were revealed in a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan Law School and Northwestern University. The study found that half of those who falsely convicted for "crimes" in the USA were African-American, and the group who constituted 12% of the US population.“ (Ifa
Kamau 534). Secondly, Black Americans are victims of violence and are also influenced by racism in order to create violence. Still a study by Ifa Kamau, he says that black Americans are actually victims of racism, “Black people are therefore perpetual victims of "constitutive" racist violence inscribed into the very institutional framework of American society. The result: Discriminatory treatment of African-Americans.”(Ifa Kamau 534). ). It is a study that reflects reality in American society in particular and the world in general. Moreover, the book,

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