The Quiet Revolution And Its Effect On The Catholic Church Essay

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The Quiet Revolution had a dramatic effect on the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec. Whereas, prior to 1965, the Catholic Church was a dominant cultural and political force Quebec, after 1965 the Catholic Church experienced a dramatic decline in its authority and its role in Quebec society. The people then abandoned the Catholic Church rapidly, and then transferred their allegiance from the Catholic Church to the Quebec state. This created a political vacuum within Quebec, due to the fact that, in contrast to the previously powerful Catholic Church, the state did not have the infrastructure to deal with the Quebec population 's social and economic needs. In addition the Quebec population came to see the Catholic Church as a backward institution that stood as an obstacle to modernity. As a result, the Quebec population saw the Church too closely tied to former Premier Maurice Duplessis and his regime. In turn, the Quebec population believed that Maurice Duplessis was too closely tied with the English-Canadian business owners operating in Quebec that limited francophone Quebecois economic advancement. As a result, the Quebec population desired to create a modern provincial state apparatus that was similar to what was happening in the English-Canadian provinces. To that end the state became a symbol for francophone Quebecois: an intrinsic part of francophone national identity that had to be defended from English-Canadian assimilation and encroachment. Therefore, the Quebec…

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