Essay about The Quality Of Nursing Care

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Nursing is a profession that started in home, when care givers took care of the sick family members, women giving birth, or the care of babies after death of mother during delivery (Weatherford, 2010). In the beginning nursing was not considered as a profession and nurses followed orders of physicians, but modern nursing is continually evolving (Risjord, 2010). Modern nursing evolved from just following physicians’ orders to a complex and multi focused profession. The basic goal of nursing is providing a safe and caring environment that promotes health and well-being of the patient (Selanders and Crane, 2012). According to American Nursing Association (ANA), meaning of nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimizing abilities and health of individuals. ANA also states nursing as the process of prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing, diagnosis and treatment of human response in order to alleviate suffering, and advocacy for patients, families, groups, communities, and populations (ANA, 2016).
The quality of nursing care depends on philosophy of the nurse or care giver (Joyce, 2013). The word philosophy means, an explanation of the systems of concepts and beliefs that determine how a mission or a purpose is to be achieved. The definition of nursing philosophy is unique to every professional nurse, and is based on personal and organizational definitions. According to author Joyce Kutin the development of philosophy depends on the key points,…

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