The Psychoanalytic Perspective : The Paralysis Of Carlos 's Right Arm

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1.) During a heated argument with his father, 17-year old Carlos developed a paralysis of his right arm. Medical examinations can find no physical cause for the paralysis. Use the psychoanalytic perspective to explain how the paralysis may be Carlos’ attempt to deal with an unconscious conflict between his id and superego.

According to the psychoanalytic perspective, the paralysis of Carlos’s right arm may be Carlos’ attempt to deal with an unconscious conflict between his id and superego because the paralysis could have been caused by Carlos’ superego, which is repressed by his id, where he uses his knowledge reflecting on social standards learned from his parents or other people to determine if his decision is good or bad which gives him protection from his id, his desire that he wants to achieve. On the other hand, the superego is the voice of the conscious that allows our ego to make decisions whereas the superego focuses on an individual 's behavior to their decision in order to achieve perfection with positive or negative feelings and the id is what we strive for in order to fulfill our desires with pleasure. However, the heated argument with Carlos and his father may have caused a paralysis on his right arm because of his strong superego showing the strength and power to his father which makes Carlos oppose his id due to the demands of the superego.

a) Describe the function of defense mechanisms. b) Name six of them and c) explain each.
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