Common Obstacles In The Great Gatsby Essay

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A: is the American dream the same into days terms then when the U.S was first established as colonies.
B: the universal American dream is not like my own dream because the universal dream is seeking happens for the individual where have I just wanted to make enough money to live comfortable.
C: This paper will go over the basic definition of the American dream and common obstacles that your average person may come across when trying to achieve their dream. My personal dream with also be covered and the obstacles I will have to face to live my own American dream.
D: the dream is a bored statement that can mean a lot of different thing to many different people so there is no exact definition they all however share a common theme
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If you were a technician in one place and move to a different country they could have different standers or qualifications.
3: all realistic dream can be obtained with the proper work and effort but how you feel after you have your dream may not be as great as you original thought.
Literary work 1 the great Gatsby:
A: Gatsby’s dream was to win back the love of his life daisy by becoming rich and buying a house he think she would like to impress daisy.
1: Gatsby did not have a very realistic dream he did so much to impress the girl of his dreams but she was now married. Gatsby waited too long and by the time he reached his dream he had thought about it so much that he was disappointed when he got to his dream because he had set the standers so high that they were simple not possible daisy could not be the person Gatsby though her to be.
2 Gatsby’s dream is similar to the universal dream because he seeks happens though his dream to get with daisy and make her happy by giving her everything she
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1: my dream is similar to the universal dream because I seek a form of happiness by doing something I think is going to lead to my happiness. I think these things will make me happy but I don’t know that for sure I could be miserable if I move to Canada.
2: my dream I find to be different from the universal dream because I think it simpler than most. Am not after something I can’t achieve with hard work.
3: there is a personal side to my dream but it can’t be complete without the professional side of things can’t get anywhere without money in today material world.
Personal and professional dream:
1: I don’t plan to get married but if I did have a spouse they would have to be some quite. The kind of person you can trust to just sit there and listen to you or give you a good laugh when you stressed. They would have to be ok with owning at least one cat and watching horror movies late at night. Finally they would have to be ok with no

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