The Protest Of Protest Music Essay

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What is protest music? In general, most people would say protest music is songs connected to current or previous events. According to Salamishah Tillet, “Young musicians, some famous, others grassroots, are finding their role in today’s social movements through a simultaneous revival and redefinition of the protest song tradition.” I agree with Salamishah Tillet that musicians are trying to find their role in life by exploring life. (I like how you put your own personal feelings you have towards this quote.) He is saying young musician follow their roots in order to find their role in life through their work and experiences. A protest song can come from any music genre. For instance, “Rise” is a pop, pop rock, and electronic. In some cases, people do not even realize they are listening to a protest song because they are so motivated by the beat and tempo of the music; they are so motivated and focused on the beat and tempo that they do not really listen to the lyrics. Some protest songs discuss issues, such as mental health issues, war, and economic disparity. The song “Confident” is an example of a protest song because it explores the issue of bipolar disorder; “Confident” explores bipolar disorder and makes people realize that they belong somewhere in life. Listeners can gain insight into the song “Confident” by Demi Lovato by closely examining and analyzing its occasion, audience, purpose, speaker, and tone. (This is very interesting, the way you explain how young…

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