The Pros Of Labor Unions Essay

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The Pros of Labor Unions
The right to self-organization is the right of every employee in the workforce, free from any troubles from the employer to form, join or assist in the formation of any legitimate worker 's organization or union of his or her own choice. The reason for granting this right is based on the essential unfairness in the bargaining situation between an employer and the employees. As the problem of employment bargaining increases, there is no doubt that the employer has the advantage over the employee (Holcombe & Gwartney, 2010). Therefore, employees depend on union services to help support and represent them in situations dealing with unfair treatment, requests for higher wages, unsafe working conditions, arbitrary hiring & firing, and so on. For example, an employer may try to exploit employees by denying them their breaks, and many employees will tolerate the abuse for fear of losing their jobs. Instances like this happen all the time.
Labor unions exist to protect employees from this kind of abuse by informing them of their legal rights Keller, 2012). Furthermore, unions have the ability to create a stable, long-term employment relationship between the company and the employee, which is good for both sides. Labor unions exist to take the pressure off the employees, serving as third parties to help assist working class individual’s fight for their rights in their places of employment (Holcombe & Gwartney, 2010). According to the Bureau of Labor…

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