Organized Labor In The 1800s

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Executive Summary

History (Mackenzie) Throughout history there has been many events that have taken place that lead the United States to developing organized labor. In the 1800’s workers had minimal protection. During this time period workers could not come together to express their views. Employees could not fight for a wage increase, or health benefits, it was considered to be illegal. Organized labor was developed to offer protection for workers, give them rights, end child labor and offer health benefits. LABOR BOOK
Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution occurred between the time periods of 1820-1850. Prior to the industrial revolution labor was completed at the homes of workers by manual labor. The industrial revolution was the transition from manual labor to the use of technology and machines Montagna, 2006). Tools and machines resulted and increased overall labor production. The industrial revolution impacted the society and a large feature of everyday
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The AFL was made up of leaders from craft unions and skilled workers (AFL-CIO, 2017). The politically involved group supported the idea of using strikes, boycotts and focused on collective bargaining. This group that was organized by skilled workers who believed in simplicity and used the support of the public and of the American government. During this time period, there was a large amount of strikes occurring. Each union within the AFL were granted with internal freedom and were allowed to stand up for what they believed in. The AFL was extremely successful but throughout history many difficulties were faced. Until the Great Depression, the AFL was the largest national labor organization.

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