Does Our Constitution Need To Be Reformed Essay

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Our Constitution: Does it need to be reformed? In 1780 one person proposed an idea to reconstruct our government; Alexander Hamilton proposed a general convention to frame a new constitution (Beard 3). The Article of Confederation was failing and several men wanted a change to form a strong national government. Some states excelled under the Article of Confederation, while others struggled; for there was no whole as a nation only sovereignty of the states. Then in 1787 the “Framers” changed the future of the United States of America and formed the constitution; which we still currently use. It took 9 states to ratify the constitution; 9 who believed in the best for the people. Still to this day we run our government off of a document made …show more content…
If the government ever became destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government (6); there is no point to abolish our government since it has succeeded for over 200 years. Though our government may have its flaws, that are where we as the people shall alter the constitution. If the states agreed upon common ideas to amend the constitution, there should be two representatives from each state; one representing the Republican Party and the other representative from the Democratic Party. These representatives should be able to work together and should be elected by their state. By only having two representatives from each state it limits it 100 people at the convention, making it less chaotic. There should be a ‘state convention” first before we bring things to a national level and change the constitution. If all states could agree on the general idea at the “state convention” it could prevent fighting at the constitutional convention. A manner for the good of the people should be in every representative mind. Last the constitutional convention should only be to amend the Constitution, not to abolish a document that made our great

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