Essay on The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

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The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana
In the United States, some people want to legalize a drug called marijuana. This drug comes from dried leaves from a hemp plant. Marijuana can be used as a cure and also used to harm your body. People have different views about marijuana. Some think that it can be used to help people that suffer from chronic pain and can help create jobs for the people in need of put-ting a roof on their head. Then there 's the people that think it will harm the people that don 't con-sume marijuana. It’s also an illegal drug which violates the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Which the Federal Government disapprove not only because it violates the law but the serious harm it can do to the economy and cause of safety reasons. I believe that legalizing marijuana should not happen because of the effect it can do to children and the health issues that are long term effects.
The reasons why marijuana should be legalized is because first it can help give the people a job. According to Ian James said "We 're talking an average of 25 dollars per hour”. Most jobs in the US would not give 25 dollars for farming. With having 25 dollars per hour that can help the people in need of money that have to feed a family and put a roof on their head. Al-so that can help the 15 percent of the poor people in the United States become poor to middle class. A person works 8 hours a day Monday- Friday for a year that person will make around 72,000 dollars a year…

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