The Pros And Cons Of Jews In The Holocaust

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Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is never an easy task. Within the Third
Reich, there were many places where someone who was a part of the Reich, who did not agree with the Final Solution, could have attempted to put a stop to it. Whether it was administrators, civil servants, the men who decided who went straight to the gas or who went to work, the individual who watched a life long friend beaten by the Gestapo or even those members of the Jewish community that worked with the Germans in hopes of saving themselves, there is a way that an individual from each category could have attempted to rebel against the Final Solution.
Research has shown that the individuals who participated in the Holocaust were neither psychopaths or particularly
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Even though there are many cases in which people did hide Jews in their homes, more could have done so. On a larger scale, German people could have refused the houses and business that weren’t theirs. They could have refused the things given to them by the Third Reich that they witnessed slowly being taken away from Jewish members of the community through things like Nuremburg Laws or Kristallnacht. On the other hand, it would have been a momentous risk for the Jews with a small amount of power to do something, but they could still have tried. The Judenrat was the Jewish council within the ghettos. They were responsible for everything from giving lists of names to the Germans to enforcing Nazi policy within the ghettos. The Kappo, was a Jewish prisoner within the concentration camp, but was allowed special privilege by the SS to regulate the forced labor of other prisoners. The members of these positions of power could have found ways to smuggle food to the prisoners, to make the labor less intensive, to not sell them out to Germans. There is no way they could have ended the Holocaust, but they could have made conditions better by breaking the rules and rebelling against authority.
Within the Third Reich, there were many places where one who did not

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