The Pros And Cons Of Hydroelectric Power

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Electricity is one of the most important things in parts of today’s society, and new means of creation have been popping up all around the globe. The new, cleaner, alternate forms of energy are becoming more efficient than the old fashioned fossil fuel power plants. Not only are these new types of energy cleaner, but nine out of ten times they are more efficient and less expensive compared to the more commonly used fossil fuel power plant. As time goes on, the environment is slowly being polluted and non-renewable resources, such as coal, are being wasted on these plants. New forms of energy, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power have become more clean and cost effective. Even though the fossil fuel plants have been around longer …show more content…
Along with creating electricity, the damns that are used can also help limit water regulation and separate different bodies of water. The power stations inside of the dams capture the kinetic energy of moving water, transferring it to mechanical energy turbines, eventually creating power (Alternative Energy Sources). “The best part about water energy is that it is quite affordable. Though dams look huge, their maintenance costs are actually very low. Appearances can be deceiving” (Alternative Forms of Energy). Since the dams really only require flowing water, they can be placed all over the United States. Not all dams are created for the sole purpose of energy creation, however, so don’t be deceived. Some dams have been created for this purpose alone though, and have become one of the largest producers of alternate energy in the world (Alternative Energy Sources). Compared to the other forms of alternate energy, hydroelectric energy is actually of the cheapest, running in at around only $90.30 per megawatt hour. This is a noticeable difference from the fossil fuel power plants, and even cheaper than solar energy. While hydroelectric energy might seem as if it’s an underdog, this form of power it has been proven to remain cheap and

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