Homosexuals In The GLBTIQ Community

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This is a public group on Facebook for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) individuals and supporters in Australia & worldwide. This Facebook public group posts all things to do with the GLBTIQ community, upcoming events, GLBTIQ news, social outings, group events, personal performances, social dances, fundraisers, social postings, upcoming events. Members can post pictures and any news relating to the GLBTIQ community worldwide.

A. Upon first glance, one notices many posts speaking out against many oppressive and downright discriminatory actions on the part of non-gay population at large. Gay marriage is something that this community is struggling for the right to do in many different parts of the world.
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The most common disadvantage is being hated and feared by those who are ignorant. Homosexuals are highly discriminated against and may even be disowned by their own families. Some homosexuals experience tolerance by their own families without acceptance by being invited to a family function but without their partner. Homosexuals, specifically gay men have a higher risk of STD’s from relationship instability and sexual promiscuity. Many homosexuals experience prejudice and inequality in all areas of life. Homosexuals both male and female have been reported to be the victims of violent hate crimes. Same sex marriage is not legal in every state or country and is a constant subject in the news as the LGBTIQ community rallies for the right for civil unions. Most religions and societies still do not accept the alternative relationship status of homosexuals. Some heterosexuals behave uncomfortable around homosexuals, whether or not there is an interest in them. Some people’s attitudes and comments regard homosexuals as ill or flawed in some way and some cultures would punish them with death for being a homosexual. The least disadvantage would be the number of available partners is quite small in comparison to the heterosexual population and can be a challenge to find a suitable partner.

Module 8
What do you think are commonly held misconceptions about the differences of the person you
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People who are intersex are categorized in GLBTIQ dimension because of the sexuality aspect of their demographic. They are not necessarily gay, straight, bi or transgendered, but can be technically be classified as one or a combination of two of these sexual categories. Antaras (2016) defined his sexuality status as pansexual, (potentially attracted to people of any gender) and is a transgender man.

As discussed by Antaras (2016), commonly held misconceptions about being intersex are “intersex is the same as transgender”, although some do become transgendered, but it is not because feel they were born the wrong sex, they just decided to be the sex they physically assign themselves to; “intersex people have mutilated genitals”, Anataras (2016) comments that is “flat out wrong” and it is highly offensive to intersex individuals; “intersex people are all mentally ill”, yes, some of the intersex population are mentally ill, but it is not caused by their intersex

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