The Pros And Cons Of High School Students

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An excellent way to get a boost start on their college careers for a high school student is taking a college course while in secondary school. This is called dual-enrollment, and it is beneficial as well as academically challenging. Yet, students see this as a free passing grade for a university level course because they are enlisted in the dual credit programs. Even though they are privileged to take this program, they still have to do the same amount of work and effort as much as a full-time college student. College has its differences compared to high school and vice versa. College is considered to be a life path choice after the adolescence years of a human. However, attending to a university or technical school could be costly. Because …show more content…
As young adults, most secondary school students have other responsibilities around. Adolescents still live with their parents and responsibilities with them are a priority as well. This means that part of a student 's time is consumed from chores, reducing the time to study and complete an assignment. Because of this, a pupil sacrifices hours of sleep to dedicate on their work with deadlines that are close by. When a person sleeps less than the recommended hours of sleep, their health condition worsens and they lose focus within classes. Some students have labor work after school in order to help out the family 's needs while others have extra curriculum activities, such as school clubs and community services, to enrich their resumes for universities or jobs. I am one of those students who have responsibilities at home, work, and school clubs. My schedule became tighter than ever now since I am enrolled in a dual credit program and I struggle to keep up and meet my instructors ' expectations and requirements. Nevertheless, it was my choice to challenge myself and manage the time I have. People should take full responsibility for their actions and dedication in order to achieve something meaningful, such as a college degree. But is it worth achieving something knowing that you cheated or had too many chances to

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