The Pros And Cons Of Falsification

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I. DEFINITIONS A. Plagiarism: Since the inception of formal university writing, plagiarism, a form of scholarly theft, has plagued academia. Plagiarism is the intentional, or unintentional, presentation of another’s original words and ideas your own, and constitutes the expression of any audio, visual or written word recorded without properly citing the source of said information. B. Falsification: Falsification is the alteration, replication or production of an academic paper by purposefully suppressing or distorting the sources of information. Falsification also includes intentionally signing on behalf of another, or allowing another to do the same, on the aforementioned manipulated documents. …show more content…
FORMATTING: Basic formatting for an American Psychological Association style paper provides for a title page, an abstract, the main body of text and a references page.
VII. SAFEASSIGN/ORIGINALITY REPORTS. Safeassign is a plagiarism detection program offered by Liberty University through the Blackboard learning system that is available to students and instructors as a means to assist in identifying unoriginal material in academic papers. This program compares student papers against billions of catalogued Internet documents, as well as Institutional papers from other respected universities previously submitted to Safeassign, highlighting potentially copied material and providing a similarity rating for comparison to the papers original source.
VIII. PENALTIES. If a student was found to have plagiarized material, the instructor will notify the student within ten days of identifying the violation. Depending on the infraction, the instructor may provide a written or oral reprimand to the student, adjust credit received or require additional work. The instructor may assign a grade of F if found appropriate, at which time the registrar will record the failing grade on official transcripts, and subsequent acts of plagiarism will result in the student being dismissed from the
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APPEALS PROCESS: In cases where a student stands accused of plagiarism, the student will be given 5 days to provide a written appeal through their professor to the Online Associate Dean who will then notify the both the instructor and student of their decision. If the student is not satisfied with the Online Associate Dean’s decision, the student will be afforded another 5 days to submit another written appeal to the Online Dean through the Online Associate Dean. The Online Dean’s decision will then be forwarded to the Online Department Chair, the instructor, the student and the registrar office. If a violation is found to be unwarranted, a report stating such will be entered intro the student’s official record. Despite this, the instructor retains the right to impose a lesser sanction, such as a reduced grade, but cannot fail the student in the course in

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