The Pros And Cons Of Discipline

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Enhancing the experience and environments for high school students in order to meet their essential cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs requires a complete renovation of today’s modern high school. This includes adjustments being made to the school day and year, testing criteria, discipline, dress codes, class gender segregation, food selections, and lunchroom arrangement. In high school, the typical day for a student starts at 6:00 AM since class starts at 7:30 AM. These students need time to take care of personal hygiene, eat breakfast, drive to the campus or get to the school bus stop, and take care of younger siblings if applicable. Unfortunately with students waking up this early, it hinders the amount of sleep they are …show more content…
Discipline needs to be handled in a direct, assertive manner. Normally, if a student is disrespectful to a teacher and starts an uproar, the student’s punishment can be as simple as a conference with the parents, to what is considered a more severe punishment like out of school suspension (OSS). Minors at this age are eager to test positions of authority because they are showing off to their peers. The way to circumvent this is by holding all students accountable for their actions including those that promote these behaviors from the committing party. The types of punishments also need to be changed. In lieu of OSS, where students are staying home and watching TV, they would be more fearful of a punishment such as community service because they are then obligated to spend their time on something they …show more content…
Furthermore, there is not a strict uniform for most workplaces. On the contrary, dress codes need to be executed in order to help remind students that they are at school and not a bar or party. To demonstrate this, many female students in high school have a tendency to wear provocative clothing which is to draw attention to themselves and attract males. Examples of this clothing include tank tops with the belly exposed, shirts that are cut in ways that promote cleavage, and shorts that show more than what is necessary. By putting restraints that prohibit this type of clothing, it promotes a more academically focused environment and not a voluptuous

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