High Stakes Testing Essay

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Enhancing the experience and environments for high school students in order to meet their essential cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs requires a complete renovation of today’s modern high school. This includes adjustments being made to the school day and year, testing criteria, discipline, dress codes, class gender segregation, food selections, and lunchroom arrangement. In high school, the typical day for a student starts at 6:00 AM since class starts at 7:30 AM. These students need time to take care of personal hygiene, eat breakfast, drive to the campus or get to the school bus stop, and take care of younger siblings if applicable. Unfortunately with students waking up this early, it hinders the amount of sleep they are getting because of a syndrome called delayed sleep phase. In other words, these students go to bed at late times, for some between 12 – 1 AM. …show more content…
High-stakes testing, is a single, inclusive evaluation of a student’s knowledge that determines if they will graduate from high school or be held back. This not only creates issues for the students, it generates corruption in school systems too. When the students don’t feel capable of passing the examination, this causes them to commit acts of desperation such as cheating. For example, if one of the top students of a class is caught cheating, it jeopardizes their future goals and career. Not only that, if the school system decides to turn a blind eye to the offending party, and allows them to get away with it, then the school system is allowing for these actions to be considered acceptable. This is where corruption is generated in the school system and legal actions can occur. In essence, if the high-stakes testing isn’t required for graduation, then the likelihood of occurrences like this are drastically

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