The Pros And Cons Of Children On The Internet

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The Internet is very dangerous and has a lot of bad material that is not safe for children viewing. The Internet is very unsafe for children who have not been taught safe internet practices. Children on the wrong sites can put them in danger. Viewing inappropriate sites can put them in jeopardy to bullying, catfish, scammers, and predators. For children that do not know what the internet consist of may be encouraged to participate in the unhealthy version of the internet. Parents should Monitor the children are doing on the Internet.
What is the internet? The internet is an international system where computers, phones, gaming systems can connect together to communicate. With this network, anyone can contact just about anyone in the world.
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Children on the internet can search the web for games and productive activities such as puzzles and quizzes. (Pros and cons advantages) social media is a site where others can communicate, post, share content, and common hobbies. They can explore the world wide and find forums and other chat lobbies that are beneficial to their lives. On social media network sites, you can search people with the same interest as you. (Pros and cons 4) a couple of social networks includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Joining social media sites can allow children to keep up with long distance friends and …show more content…
Personal cell phones today have internet on them. Not only restriction the home computer but, the cell phone is advised. On today’s iPhones, you can restrict apps that shows inappropriate content. You can also install security safety browsers on the phone to be able to protect them while browsing the internet on their personal phone. (Pc advisor) A Security software will be beneficial because it can help track down threats trying to access files and steal information. Explicit Without setting up parental controls, children would be able to access any website without any restrictions or blocks. Purchasing and installing a security software can stop children from visiting sites which can potentially be harmful or bad. (Pros and cons 7) this can stop you child without you always have to hover over them to monitor them on the internet.
Going behind your child and checking their internet history is a good way to see what they are actually looking at. The internet history will show a list by date on what was viewed each day. Moving the home computer into a family room or a room which is not hidden is a good idea for monitoring your child. Having the computer in a room where people walk past stops the urge of doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing. There is plenty of other ways to help keep your child safe from the internet

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