The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment?

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Capital punishment has been in debate since we first started executing criminals for the crimes they committed. This form of punishment has been carried out since the beginning of time from the French Revolution to the serial killer Ted Bundy in the 1970’s through the 1980 's (, para. 5-10). Today majority of people believe that capital punishment is unjust and immoral of an action to perform no matter what the criminal did. But what people fail to realize is the death penalty has more pros than cons. Prison systems have become overly crowded and the taxpayers are the ones responsible for paying those bills racked up by criminals. For some criminals, they will be sentenced to life in prison which means society is required to pay their bills just so they can stay alive and be comfortable. In simpler words, it is more economic to execute those prisoners that are convicted serial killers, and rapists who will be spending the rest of their life in jail. If by some means, those same convicts are released earlier on “good behavior” or escape from prison then there is nothing in the world that will stop them from committing …show more content…
Some are mentally unable to feel remorse for their actions. These people are called narcissistic, sociopaths, psychopaths etc. But others cannot stay away from their bad habitats and are continuously going back to their old ways. As stated by Keith Taylor in the Milwaukee Journal “Capital Punishment is an absolute deterrent to the person suffering the punishment. At the very least, that person will never again commit a crime” (para. 4). Capital Punishment in could keep a repeat offender and those who have subsided severe crimes from doing those again. This could ultimately keep our children, our streets, our homes, and our cities safe from those in the society that are bad for us. Some crimes are so terrible that death is the only punishment in

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