Capital Punishment Essay: Killing Is Wrong

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Killing is wrong. Since we were kids, we have been taught this is the absolute truth. In its simplest form, capital punishment is, one person taking the life of another. Simultaneously, this is the definition of murder. In USA, 31 states have capital punishment, they must change. Because of a simple, undeniable and unforgivable reason. A risk of punishing the innocent. It is not moral. It is barbaric. It is not an effective deterrent of crime versus the alternative of life in prison without parole. I believe, taking a human life is playing God. No one has the right to do that. Especially when it is proven that multiple times we are, as beings, prone to make mistakes. Since 1976, the year that death penalty is reestablished by the Supreme …show more content…
Yet we say that teaching people to respond to violence with violence will, again, only breed more violence. The strongest argument of all [in favor of the death penalty] is the deep pain and grief of the families of victims, and their quite natural desire to see punishment meted out to those who have plunged them into such agony. Yet it is the clear teaching of our traditions that this pain and suffering cannot be healed simply through the retribution of capital punishment or by vengeance. It is a difficult and long process of healing which comes about through personal growth and God 's grace. We agree that much more must be done by the religious community and by society at large to solace and care for the grieving families of the victims of violent …show more content…
California has had a sentence of life without parole for over 25 years and not one person sentenced under this law has been released from prison. In Alabama, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Edward Carnes, who headed the state 's capital punishment division as assistant attorney general for many years, said that "life without parole in Alabama means just that--no parole, no commutation, no way out until the day you die, period." (Dieter, 1993)
To conclude, capital punishment is a cruel punishment that does not belong to a civilized society. It denies the due process of law and it is definitely not a viable form of crime control. A civilized society that respects life does not kill human beings if it has other options. Every state, that has the capital punishment, also have the option of sentencing to life in prison with parole. In addition to being cheaper for tax-payers, this option gives both the criminal and the jurors the chance to correct their

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