Rhetorical Analysis Of The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment popularity has been dwindling in the past years, with 19 states abolishing the use of the death penalty. Problems also arrive from questions of the ethicality of it and if it’s right to kill someone for killing someone. The politics behind it are very largely at play with the supreme justices being very wary to support it and since the death penalty is state dependent senators for each hold differing positions. Capital punishment is an ethically debated topic that is important to the families of victims and culprits, it’s also important to politicians and judges because the high costs and uncertainties.
In the article titled “the Death of the Death Penalty written by David Von Drehle, a New York Times best seller author
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He brings a large amounts of hard evidence and statistics along with citations to appeal to ethos. The evidence that he supplies makes his argument very credible, he even cites another article that he had written. The logos in this article is very apparent, Drehle does an excellent job of organizing his article clearly stating each of his claims and the reasoning behind each of his claims. The tone of this article is formal critical, with the use of language such as superficially humane, and the fact that the whole article is explaining the reasons behind why the death penalty is falling out of favor. To a fault the article never even gives supporting points to the death penalty, this gives the article a sense of extreme bias and takes away from the ethos of the article by not supplying the opposing view to the article. The appeal to pathos in this article is very poor only really calling on sympathy for the families of the victims and culprits. The Mythos used in this article is the identification of the readers as a United States citizen and the fact that United States is in extreme debt and that practicing capital punishment is only making the huge problem even worse. The organization in this article is phenomenal, Drehle brings up how the death penalty is dying then clearly states each reason to why he is right, this set up allows the article to be easily understood by every

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