The Pros And Cons Of Cannabis And Medical Marijuana

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Over the years the debate over using cannabis and medical marijuana as medicine has been a very controversial topic, people all around the country abuse the use of medical marijuana and partake in recreational use only. Cannabis and medical marijuana use should no longer be legal due to the highly addictive content within the drug, drastic incarceration rate increase, and also fatal incidents due to the recreational use rather than medical use and should be banned within the United States. Medical marijuana is something that many doctors and practitioners still do not have complete knowledge of and is something prescribed and abused daily. Doctor Doris Gundersen (2010) says that:
“Today, marijuana —both medical and recreational —is legal in
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There were many medical studies performed at The University of Colorado Denver and San Diego State University that closely correlate the use of medical marijuana to be one of the leading causes to depression, psychological, emotional issues and more importantly, suicidal ideation (Anderson, Rees, Sabia, 2015). Due to the legalization of marijuana in some states within the United States, suicide rates and incarceration rates have dramatically increased within the last five years. Anderson, Rees, and Sabia (2015) suggest that the demographic for medical marijuana users is between the ages of 20-39 years old, and also almost all of the suicide or violent incidents are males. This implies that states that have legalized medical marijuana and even marijuana for recreation use, citizens are clearly abusing this drug and not taking precautionary action understanding the side effects of this potentially life threatening drug. Doctor Gundersen (2010) revealed that 9% of marijuana users become highly addicted which eventually leads into the use of even more life threatening drug addictions and substances abuses, he also predicts that by 2020 the number of adults with substance abuse will double and become an even bigger problem due to the legalization and …show more content…
Doctor Jun David (2015) tell us:
There are three types of cannabis species which include indica, sativa, and ruderalis. These three drugs react with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and cause many symptoms such as numbness and a high they distracts the mind and body from feeling pain or stress. These drugs can be consumed by eating, drinking, and smoking, but smoking raises a potential hazard, which allows over 400 toxins to enter the body giving adverse effects to the prescribed drug resulting in a sometimes fatal

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